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Jagannath University (JNU) offered a jobs circular 2016

The “Jagannath University” which is known as JNU is a historical university of the southern part of Dhaka.It has recently been offered a jobs circular on 31 October 2016.The last of application of this job circular is 17 November 2016.The JNU has been mentioned  thirteen vacancies for three different post.The post’s name of  “Jagannath University” job’s circular ar Lecturer,Assistant professor and Professor in various subject.The job’s type is government and job’s duration is Full-time.The details of educational requirements and experiences has been given on the JNU circular image.The salary has also been mentioned in this same jobs circular.If you want to apply you should read details about condition and restriction of application.

Jagannath University(JNU) jobs circular’s  position

There are three job’s position in this job circular.They are Lecturer,Assistant Professor and Professor.The education and experiences details are given below:-

1/Lecturer:The required subjects for lecturer are Sociology,Physics and Botany.There are total six vacancies for lecturer.You need minimum GPA 4.75 in S.S.C,H.S.C or relevant exam.You need minimum cGPA 3.5 out of four in your post-graduate and graduate certificate separately and minimum 3.85 in average.The salary is 22000-53060 tk.

2/Assistant Professor:The required subjects for Assistant Professor are History,Islamic studies,Geology,Public administration and Marketing.The educational condition is the same as Lecturer.But here is need experience .Salary is from 35500-67010 tk.

3/Professor:The required subject is Marketing.In addition with honors and masters degree applicant need P.H.D degree from a reputed university.You should have experience of teaching as lecturer and Assistant professor in any university.The salary is 65,500-74400 tk.

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Jagannath University (JNU) jobs offered a jobs circular 2016

Why you will apply for Jagannath University(JNU) jobs

As a public university students you should apply for “Jagannath University(JNU) jobs circular 2016” because it is famous and historical public university in our country.On the other hand,teaching is the most prestigious profession in every country of the world and Bangladesh is not exception of it.Teachers of our country get a different respect in the society.Teacher of a university is more honorable to us.So,if you become an university teacher you will achieve respect and love from the people and students in your life and i think it is the greatest achievement to a teacher.This jobs circular has been offered you to be a lecturer,Assistant professor or professor. Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid Khan,the honorable President of our country is the Cancellor of Jagannath University(JNU).

History of Jagannath University(JNU)

Jagannath University(JNU) is a Full government public university of our country.The short name of this university is JNU.The university has a history behind its establishment.In 1858,the Jagannath University was a school named the “Dhaka Brahma School”.The school was later named as “Jagannath school”.In 1884 the “Jagannath school” was promoted to a college and given name the Jagannath College. After about one century honors and masters program were opened in the college.Finally in 2005 the college was given as a university, name Jagannath University.The name of this university was given according to a Zamindar.It has a lot of historical contribution to our country and her freedom.The students and teachers of that college participated in our Language movement,mass movement and war of liberation.So it was a prestigious college in Bangladesh.

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